Thursday, December 22, 2011


Airports are an emotional place. Happiness, sadness, frustration... Exhaustion. Anticipation... Even fear. The people seen at an airport are more diverse than those at the Alaska state fair. They're from everywhere... Going everywhere. And all of them are experiencing some kind of emotion.

As I sit here at the Honolulu airport waiting to board my flight I'm feeling very emotional. I'm in a crowded room yet I'm alone. I'm headed home, but not for good. I have to say good bye again. I have to get left at the airport and cry with only my luggage to comfort me. It's so hard. :( I'm so excited to go home... But how many more goodbyes can I handle?

On the positive side... After my nap on the plane I will be back in Alaska where I belong. For 10 glorious days. 10 precious days. 10 days with my son, my husband, my parents, siblings and friends. I promise to make every second count. I promise not to make this up coming good bye a wasted one.

And when I get... My life might be a lot different... I'll keep you updated. :)

Next stop, home sweet home.