Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Wow, Thanksgiving already!  It doesn't feel like it.  This will be my second Thanksgiving out of Alaska and away from my family due to the Army.  The first was while i was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston for AIT in 2004.  A nice family came and took me home for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I was able to put on normal clothes and skype with everyone back home.  It was such a blessing.  7 years later isn't too different.  Just take away the drill SGT and add a palm tree and my brother Robin! YESSS... Robin is coming for the weekend! :)  Very exciting.  One HUGE difference.  Corbin.  This is our first Thanksgiving apart. 



And here we are. 2011.  A world apart.  It's hard... I miss my baby so much. 
But hey... I'm still Thankful. 

Here's a few people/things that I'm thankful for- (not everything... by far!)

1. My family. Corbin and TJ.  Those guys are my everything.  I'm so thankful and proud to be Corbin's Mother and TJ's wife.  How lucky am I??
2. My parents. I dunno how I could have done anything that I've done without them
3. My Siblings. Tara, Gareth and Robin. As different as we are... you'd think we wouldn't get along.  But, ask any of them... were eachother's best friends.
4. My friends.  Each and every one of you.  Since being away from home and not making friends... I've realized how important having friends is.  They keep you sane, they help you laugh when you want to cry... they are there for you when all you need is someone to listen and a hug.  and many many other wonderful things that only friends can do you you.
5. Love.  i'm thankful that I've been loved in my life.  I know that you guys love me... and it keeps me going when i'm down.
6. Being stubborn.  I am so thankful that I'm such a stubborn woman.  I go for the things I want with such a hard head... I don't always believe I can do it, but I always have believed that if I didn't try... didn't give my all, i'd never forgive myself. 
7. Being able to laugh about everything.  I'm thankful I can laugh off things.  "Let go Laughin" is tattooed on my arm for a reason. 
8. My car.  I was able to buy it the first week I was here... and lets face it, having no transportation would make my life ALOT more miserable.
9. Coffee.  oh man I love coffee.  puts me in the right mood to get my day going.  I'm super thankful for caffine in general come to think of it.
10. Pedicures/Manicures.  30-45 minutes of relaxing in a massage chair and getting my feet/legs/hands/arms rubbed.  omg. heaven.  plus i get to leave with pretty toes.

that's really all I got right now.

i love you. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Positive thoughts

I left you all with a very sad post!  So lets stay positive with this one, shall we?

I had SUCH a great weekend!  Linnea came from Colorado just to see me!  maybe the beach had something to do with it too.  But it was a lot of fun.  Went snorkeling, hiking, went on the zip line again, ate some really good food and had a whole weekend of girl talk.  It was all so much needed. I seriously have some amazing friends...

I finally have help at work!!  woot!  We had a meeting last week with the contract people... I pleaded my case once again.  i really didn't expect a different outcome.  But they decided that with work getting much busier, I needed someone (duh).  Eva is now doing only Medical!!  She helps me so much... It is super awesome to have her working with me. 

Also... Work is super busy.  But this being a positive post... I gotta say, I'm doing awesome.  All my hard work and preplanning is paying off.  The troops on the ground have been a challenge, however... I am learning how to be firm.  :)  Which for those of you who know me... I'm just a big softy that smiles too much and who doesn't know how to be mean.  haha... but I'm learning my own style of leadership.  Which I am very proud of.

I signed up for the Turkey Trot 10K this saturday.  Very exciting!  i've decided that i will sign up and run 2 races a month.  i enjoy having something to train for... other than a PT test.  Which is in 3 weeks btw.  *sigh* no pressure! lol.  No, I'm feeling pretty confident with that too!  which is rare. 

TJ and I are in the middle of a weight loss competition!  I lost last week... but! I lost weight.. haha... so really I won.  And this week is going to be better! :) i expect to lose all the weight I gained while the family visited and hopefully a couple more before the comp is over.

37 days till i'm home for Christmas.  That's right!!  Ticket is bought by my wonderful husband... and i get to be home for 10 glorious days!!!  Watch out Palmer Alaska... your biggest fan will be home soon!!

Did i mention Christmas??  oh yea.  I've been shopping early this year!  And the gifts are going to be well thought out and wonderful.  Can't wait to give give give!  Esspecially TJ's gift.  I'm so excited to see him poop himself when he opens it. HA! This Christmas is just going to be so special and i cannot wait!

hows that for a positive attitude??

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soldiers don't cry.

Esspecially not Officers. 

However, this officer is a very sensitive female.  Who literally has no one but herself to rely on during this mobilization.  And sometimes... I forget I'm a soldier and an officer and cry.

I've always said that we all have bad days to remind us how good the good ones are.  Today was rough.  I felt as though no one here understands me.  No one here is on my side.  Laurel vs the world.  Most of the time I am up for the fight... but today I just wasn't. 

When I got home from my long day I checked my mail.  1 Letter.  Better than none.  From my Aunt Janet.  She ended her letter with my Grandma Pollock's favorite scripture, the one placed on her grave.

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth"
Psalms 121:1-2

Maybe someone is on my side.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Commissioned Officer

I remember the day I got the call from the recruiter.  It was late March, 2010, I was working at the Post Road Gate with Jennifer Stevenson.  It was my hour on traffic, but it was later in the afternoon so it was pretty slow.  When my phone rang and i saw it was SFC Hill and was inbetween cars so I took the call. 

All i heard was "You made it, Ma'am" .... I started freaking out.  Jumping up and down.  Crying.  All my hard work, all those nights staying up late doing homework, all my sweat... tears...all those months waiting to hear a yes or no... BAM. I made it.  I just kept saying "I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!"

I told SFC Hill I'd have to call him back for the details once I calmed down.  Jenn had to take over traffic for me... I was too hysterical.

TJ was deployed to Japan at the time... so it took me a little while to get ahold of him.  I remember the phone call tho, all I could say still was "I did it, i did it, I did it!!" all awhile crying into the phone.  i finally got out to him exactly what I had done.

I had become an officer.

The next day I went with SFC Golden and MAJ Valiquette to the recrutier's office to swear in and finalize all the paperwork.  I had never been so proud of myself. 

I didn't know that day exactly what my commission would mean to my life and to my family.  I didn't know how hard I would have to work, that it was just the beginning of a long hard road ahead. 

Since that day I've lost more than 30 lbs.  I've graduated from BOLC down in San Antonio Texas.  I became the XO for MAJ V at the 1984th.  i was the OIC of home station AT.  Got promoted to 1LT... And now I'm the Medical OIC for the deploy/redeploy station at Schofield Barracks Hawaii.

Shortly after returning home from 2 and a half months of BOLC, I've been sent away from my family again this time for a year.  And it sucks.  I'm so proud of all I've accomplished... but it all sucks at the same time. 

I hope someday Corbin knows this is all for him.  I hope someday he's proud of his mother... for all her sacrifices.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A blog... sure.

Here we go.  My first blog.  Guess I'll start by telling the blogging world a little about myself.  In true Laurel fashion I'll make a list:

Top 10 Things to know about Laurel:
1. I'm a mother to a beautiful and smart 3 year old boy, Corbin James.  He absolutely completes me.
2. TJ is my loyal and strong husband.  We balance each other out and make a great team
3. I was born and raised in Palmer Alaska
4. I have an amazing family
5. I am an officer in the Army Reserves... Currently serving at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii without said amazing family...
6. I am a runner... or at least I think I am... or want to be- I did run a marathon (26.2 miles) on my 26th birthday!
7. I am stubborn to a fault.  determined I guess is a better word.  I get what I want by working hard and not giving up.
8. Spoiled bitches piss me off.  lol. I guess I'm just envious of those who don't have to work as hard for things in life like i've had to.  *sigh*
9. I plan on attending Baylor University for my MBA thru the military... Wish me luck!!
10. I love coffee, chocolate, tatoos, journals, office supplies, writing letters, pretty flowers... being in love, laughing and just being with friends and family.

Well, that's just a few things about me.  I don't know who will read this... but here's to my first blog!