Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day is here... again

What a horrible holiday. Once a year Hallmark decides to "celebrate love" with cards, chocolate and candy. But mostly it's a popularity contest. If you work in an office... you walk around and see what girls got the "best" flowers... because obviously that means that their husbands love them more. Let's not even mention what it was like in middle/high school. bah. what a load of crap.

Am I being this way because I didn't get flowers this year?? MAYBE. Am I being this way because I'm an ocean away from my loved ones??? most likely.

But really. Flowers on Valentines day is nice... but it's one of those things that is expected. Don't you think flowers and a home made dinner on September 4th after a long day at work would mean more than flowers and chocolates on Valentines? I think this is a cop out holiday.

I did get TJ a present this year. He doesn't have it yet... but It's in the mail. He never reads my blog so I don't mind sharing. It's a photo album of us. Cheesy yes... but I think it's awesome. :) And I wish I could show everyone how good it turned out!! I made it on Snapfish.com... which is generally a really great site! BUT... they had a little shipping problem and TJ's book is JUST NOW (after ordering it in January) on the way to AK. ugh. Snapfish probably hates Valentines day as much as I do.

Pregnancy update:
5 Things I know for certain:
1. when asked "do you want some (insert food item here)" the answer is yes.. yes I do.
2. If you don't know where I am... I am either in the bathroom, or hiding taking a nap.
3. I may look just a little chubby/bloated... but I SWEAR it's because I'm pregnant.
4. I am 8 weeks and 4 days into this 40 week adventure
5. uh.. what was I doing?? (you thought i was a space cadet BEFORE... haha... )