Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

I've been thinking about updating my blog for so long now.  But everytime I sit down to do so... my mind goes blank.  What to write about?  My life is NOT that exciting, that the world of bloggers would want to read about it.  But alas, it has been too long... and it's time to give my readers (do I even have those??) an update.

1. I'm 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant... and finally showing some belly bump.  Annoyingly so.  Just looks like I had a really big lunch and haven't workout in a while.  But we all know the truth!! (I ran 3 miles this morning and had chicken with rice for lunch thankyouverymuch)
2. Names have been determined.  Girl: Autumn Dulany Sullivan, Boy: Trevor Jacobs Sullivan.  Both names are after my late Grandma Pollock.  Dulany was her middle name, and Jacobs was her Maiden name.  My Grandma was such an amazing person in my life... and I miss her kind words, smiles and hugs. 
3. We are coming down to the wire!!!  4 ish months left here... OMG... I'm so excited I may go back to my BOQ room and start packing.  (too early??)
4. WW3 Laurel VS Bugs is still in full swing.  I do believe I have the upper hand and may win the war.  we will see.
5. I love visitors... and it may be the most positive thing about being stationed in Hawaii... everyone wants to visit.  Julie was just here for the weekend, and Mom Tara and Corbin will be here in a matter of weeks!!!  I'm so thrilled. :)

Okay loyal followers... that is all that's happening in lalalaurel land. 
2 questions-

Should I run the Diva Half marathon in a couple of weeks? lol... hmm... and I'm saying yes because the metal is on a lei and the whole run is dedicated to strong women (which I consider myself to be)
Should I find out the sex of baby #2?  Tj and I have thought about not finding out... but I'm getting so excited!!

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