Sunday, June 17, 2012

I want...

I want to wake up without an alarm clock in my own bed on Lazy Mnt, to find Corbin has snuck in during the night and stole my pillow.  I want to giggle with him in bed while waiting for coffee to brew in the kitchen.  I want to make us a crazy large breakfast of all our favorites and eat in our pajamas while we watch cartoons.  Of course my dad would stop by and have some and visit with us.  :)  I want to get us dressed and out the door to meet my mom at work for her lunch break.  Bringing her, her favorite coffee from the purple moose.  I want to walk and visit with mom and grandma around the neighborhood... Grandma walking way too fast for my pregnant legs.  I want to take Corbin to bouncing bears and watch him having fun.  I want to go shopping at Carrs/Freddies and buy stuff to make tacos for dinner.  I want to have everything cooked and ready for TJ when he gets home for work.  I want to eat, play and laugh all night with just my boys.  I want to cuddle up on the couch with them and watch a movie or a tv show before bed. I want to read my son a story in our rocking chair, then tuck him into bed and kiss him goodnight.  Then I want to crawl into bed with TJ and sleep cuddled up to his warmth.  His hand on my tummy feeling how hard little peanut is kicking now.  And then i want to fall asleep, and wake up and do it all over again.  *sigh*  66 more days.

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