Saturday, January 28, 2012

The good, the bad... and the pregnant

Well, I'm sure everyone knows the good news! 2 pink lines means I'll be a momma of 2 by October!  And I am EXCITED!  I found out on the morning of the 16th January.  :)  and if my calculations are correct, baby Sullivan will be born September 22. :)  My first appointment isn't until the beginning of February, so I'll keep you updated!  This is such great news!  this means I will be able to apply for the Masters program and have plenty of time to recover from my pregnancy before it begins! woo hoo!  But speaking of recovering... I will face challenges...

1. Gaining weight.  I know this is inevitable... but geeze, it almost took me 3 years to over come my pregnancy weight with Corbin... and I'm scared that'll happen again!  So... I vow to continue my workouts and eating right... throughout my pregnancy to make sure that this time it's different.
Starting weight: 185.4

2. Which brings me to running.  I love to run.  But I'm SO SLOW lately.  Even so early in my pregnancy... and I don't feel i should be.  But i think my goals just need to change.  How fast I run shouldn't be an issue... it's just getting out there and how i feel during.  i won't be setting any PRs... but I've decided to change it to "PPRs" or Pregnancy Personal Records... :) Feel free to use that. I've already signed up for 2 more races in Feb.

3. Now the issue of how long until I can't fly.  If you've forgotten... I live on an island!  I'm set to "REFRAD" on 31 AUG.  Now that's about at 37 weeks.  I don't think I'll be able to fly at that point.  So i either have to leave early... or stay here to have the baby!  I dunno what will happen.. we will see!

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