Sunday, January 15, 2012

Standardized Testing.... A rant.

Yesterday I took the GRE.  A test that is my ticket into the masters degree program in Texas.  My entire application won't even be looked at unless I score high... so, the pressure is on!  I understand the need for tests like these... there has to be a way to weed applicants out.  BUT I hate the fact that i am being judged by one 4 hour block of my life.  This isn't really a test of smarts... more a test of how someone handles pressure, stress, the lack of water, and how awesome your day was THAT day. 

This is how the test goes:  They first make you sign in and write a paragraph in cursive!  what??  cursive??  I haven't written even my name in cursive since middle school.... I'm  pretty sure it's a dying art.  So right off the bat this isn't going well.  Then they put you thru a STRIP search. (empty your pockets and step thru this metal detector... is this really necessary??) Then after they've taken everything off my person, even my chap stick (like that's gonna help me cheat.) you go into a room and sit at a computer.  First thoughts of the room... florescent lighting??  ugh.  it's glaring off my scratch paper, and off my glasses... even off the computer screen.  AND the room is full of other nervous test takers (that are making weird noises... tap tap, cough cough, *SIGH* "clears throat... but god forbid we talk).  Talking isn't allowed... so there goes my usual "talk to yourself, to discuss answers" tactic (like I usually do while trying to be smart). 

Then comes the actual test.  6 timed sections... first 2 essays, then Math/English, Math/English, Math.  (cause these subjects predict my success in the Health care admin field very well) Anyways... the subject matter was fine.  Thank god for gum... because i was given several 1 minute breaks... but what can you do in 60 seconds??  not leave the room for a drink... or go to the bathroom... nothing.  so that's pointless.  Just pass right thru the break and keep trucking.  Half way thru you get a 10 min break.  So I leave the room and ask where the restroom is.  Where I'm informed that i have to be escorted there... WHAT?  am i in kindergarten again or something?  So i decide against a bathroom break.  oh well... I take a drink of my water.. get a new piece of gum, and go back in to knock out the second half of this god forbidden test. 

Now lets talk about my score.  Scoring has changed recently to a 130-170 scale for each section Essay, Math and English (which if I've done my math correctly that gives a possible of 510)... I need a 525 to get in my program.  wait... what?  i don't understand.  I must be missing something... cause a 525 on this grading scale is impossible!! 

in other words Standardized testing is fucking stressful and unnecessary.  Can you just look at my life and know that i will work my ass off to get my masters degree.  Don't these people know I'm mother fucking Laurel Sullivan (Pollock) and i do what I say and say what I'm gonna do?!  and at this point in time it's to get into your school and rock it.  And that's exactly what I plan to do... so don't let this GRE stop me from my dream. 


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