Saturday, November 5, 2011

A blog... sure.

Here we go.  My first blog.  Guess I'll start by telling the blogging world a little about myself.  In true Laurel fashion I'll make a list:

Top 10 Things to know about Laurel:
1. I'm a mother to a beautiful and smart 3 year old boy, Corbin James.  He absolutely completes me.
2. TJ is my loyal and strong husband.  We balance each other out and make a great team
3. I was born and raised in Palmer Alaska
4. I have an amazing family
5. I am an officer in the Army Reserves... Currently serving at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii without said amazing family...
6. I am a runner... or at least I think I am... or want to be- I did run a marathon (26.2 miles) on my 26th birthday!
7. I am stubborn to a fault.  determined I guess is a better word.  I get what I want by working hard and not giving up.
8. Spoiled bitches piss me off.  lol. I guess I'm just envious of those who don't have to work as hard for things in life like i've had to.  *sigh*
9. I plan on attending Baylor University for my MBA thru the military... Wish me luck!!
10. I love coffee, chocolate, tatoos, journals, office supplies, writing letters, pretty flowers... being in love, laughing and just being with friends and family.

Well, that's just a few things about me.  I don't know who will read this... but here's to my first blog!

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