Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Wow, Thanksgiving already!  It doesn't feel like it.  This will be my second Thanksgiving out of Alaska and away from my family due to the Army.  The first was while i was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston for AIT in 2004.  A nice family came and took me home for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I was able to put on normal clothes and skype with everyone back home.  It was such a blessing.  7 years later isn't too different.  Just take away the drill SGT and add a palm tree and my brother Robin! YESSS... Robin is coming for the weekend! :)  Very exciting.  One HUGE difference.  Corbin.  This is our first Thanksgiving apart. 



And here we are. 2011.  A world apart.  It's hard... I miss my baby so much. 
But hey... I'm still Thankful. 

Here's a few people/things that I'm thankful for- (not everything... by far!)

1. My family. Corbin and TJ.  Those guys are my everything.  I'm so thankful and proud to be Corbin's Mother and TJ's wife.  How lucky am I??
2. My parents. I dunno how I could have done anything that I've done without them
3. My Siblings. Tara, Gareth and Robin. As different as we are... you'd think we wouldn't get along.  But, ask any of them... were eachother's best friends.
4. My friends.  Each and every one of you.  Since being away from home and not making friends... I've realized how important having friends is.  They keep you sane, they help you laugh when you want to cry... they are there for you when all you need is someone to listen and a hug.  and many many other wonderful things that only friends can do you you.
5. Love.  i'm thankful that I've been loved in my life.  I know that you guys love me... and it keeps me going when i'm down.
6. Being stubborn.  I am so thankful that I'm such a stubborn woman.  I go for the things I want with such a hard head... I don't always believe I can do it, but I always have believed that if I didn't try... didn't give my all, i'd never forgive myself. 
7. Being able to laugh about everything.  I'm thankful I can laugh off things.  "Let go Laughin" is tattooed on my arm for a reason. 
8. My car.  I was able to buy it the first week I was here... and lets face it, having no transportation would make my life ALOT more miserable.
9. Coffee.  oh man I love coffee.  puts me in the right mood to get my day going.  I'm super thankful for caffine in general come to think of it.
10. Pedicures/Manicures.  30-45 minutes of relaxing in a massage chair and getting my feet/legs/hands/arms rubbed.  omg. heaven.  plus i get to leave with pretty toes.

that's really all I got right now.

i love you. :)

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